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Patehan Book

This is my university's final project, the aim was to introduce and promote a traditional tea ceremony called Patehan, which is from Kraton Jogja in Indonesia to a wider audience. Despite being a significant part of Indonesian culture, many Indonesians are still unfamiliar with this tradition. To change that, this book has been created to provide an overview of the history of tea in Indonesia and explain how Patehan has been preserved over time. The project aims to raise awareness and appreciation for this unique cultural tradition both nationally and globally. The book is an excellent initiative toward achieving this goal, and it has the potential to spark interest and curiosity in those who may not have been aware of Patehan before. 


All the content for the book, including photos and illustrations, has been carefully curated to help readers understand and experience Patehan more fully. The book is informative and engaging, as it provides a sensory experience of the ceremony. Boxes of traditional Javanese tea were available to buy during the Final Project Showcase event.


2016 | Final Project @Visual Communication Design

Petra Christian University Surabaya, Indonesia

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