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Ramadan has always been a special month for Indonesians, and the same goes for LINE Indonesia. We have a special Official Account for our Ramadan campaign called LINE RAMADAN. Each year, we design a conceptual key visual that represents the campaign theme. The campaign name for Ramadan 2022 was Nyinyir-in Kebaikan. Nyinyir is a slang Indonesian word for gossip or talking behind someone's back, but we intended a different meaning: Nyari-nyari Rezeki in Kebaikan (English: Seek Blessings in Kindness). We aimed to be the perfect platform and support for our users to engage in positive actions during Ramadan. Our goal was to deliver a unique, fun, and witty Ramadan campaign as well as encourage our users to reconnect with others and share kindness.

The main inspiration for this key visual was the keyword "journey". We believe that each person has a different way or journey of doing positive things during the Ramadan month. The visual represents how the journey taken in search of the goodness of Ramadan (Nyari-nyari Rejeki dalam Kebaikan) is unique and different, which means that they may be taking a different path but still have the same goal. We created simple icons that represent 3 of the main elements during the journey: the people, the blessings, and Ramadan. Line was also used to visualize the "journey" keyword. 

2022 | LINE Indonesia

A collaborative work, initial concept by Qonitah M. Wahidah

Supervised by Ninda

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