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Ceria Hotel Signage System

LeBro is an online snack store based in Surabaya, specializing in a variety of snacks featuring salted egg sauce. Since the emergence of Singaporean salted egg chips brands, the combination of potato chips and salted egg sauce has become immensely popular among Indonesians. I won't lie; the taste is fantastic. As a result, LeBro's first product was salted egg potato chips, offering the same delectable taste and quality as the inspiration but at a more affordable price, especially for Surabayans.
The brand's concept is both fun and playful, with a nod to Singapore's vibrant vibe, the birthplace of salted egg snacks. Its logo represents the shape of potato chips, and we've added a unique packaging window for an extra element of enjoyment. The window's shape corresponds to the snack variant; for example, a potato shape for potato chips and a fish shape for fish skin chips.

We worked on a project to create a signage system design proposal for Ceria Hotel, a budget hotel located in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. To ensure that the signage design matched the hotel's modern industrial interior design, we opted for a sleek and simple line-style vector design. This approach gave the signage a contemporary and industrial look that perfectly complemented the hotel's overall aesthetic.


2016 | Internship Project

Under supervision from HEIMLO Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia

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