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[Draft] LINE RAMADAN 2022

*This key visual concept was my proposal to the board committee*

Ramadan has always been a special month for Indonesians, and the same goes for LINE Indonesia. We have a special Official Account for our Ramadan campaign called LINE RAMADAN. Each year, we design a conceptual key visual that represents the campaign theme. The campaign name for Ramadan 2022 was Nyinyir-in KebaikanNyinyir is a slang Indonesian word for gossip or talking behind someone's back, but we intended a different meaning: Nyari-nyari Rezeki in Kebaikan (English: Seek Blessings in Kindness). We aimed to be the perfect platform and support for our users to engage in positive actions during Ramadan. Our goal was to deliver a unique, fun, and witty Ramadan campaign to encourage users to connect with others and share kindness to receive blessings from God.

2020 | LINE Indonesia

Supervised by Ninda

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