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[Draft] Branding for LINE CONCERT 2019

LINE CONCERT was created to express our gratitude towards loyal LINE users in Indonesia. We collaborated with top musicians who are loved by all, such as Glenn Fredly, Tulus, Raisa, Sheila on 7, and more. The very first concert was held in Surabaya in 2017, and the 2019 event marked the third annual occurrence.

Three design proposals were created by the LINE Brand Design team at the beginning of 2019, to determine which Key Visual (KV) perfectly represented the keywords and remained in line with the previous two KVs of LINE CONCERT. This is one of the design drafts that we submitted to the committee but sadly didn't make it to the final selection. The inspiration came from the visual of the music wave combined with the other keywords such as line and light.

2020 | LINE Indonesia

Supervised by Ninda

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